Car Wax: What Does It Do?

When you want to extend the lifetime of your car, it’s not only the engine that counts — it’s also important to care for the exterior. The right external maintenance can help prevent aesthetic damage, so your vehicle looks better for longer. That’s where car wax comes in.

The main job of car wax is to protect your car’s paint job and clearcoat. 

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Hot Rods, Hot Stop

Every driver has heat to thank for their vehicle's ability to stop both in the event of an emergency as well as at every stop sign or traffic light. What could heat possibly have to do with your automobile's ability to cease moving? The metallic blocks called brake pads that are attached to your wheels rely on friction in order to perform.

Friction is the generation of heat when two object rub against one another.

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How to Use Insect Repellent to Clean Your Headlights

Clean headlights illuminate the road clearly, even in dark conditions. Road visibility decreases when the headlights are dirty, which in turn increases your chance of getting into an accident or hitting debris. One way to clean your headlights is with insect repellent.

Not any insect repellent works. You need to use a brand that has the chemical DEET in it. 

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A Quick Overview of Towing Safety

When you tow a trailer, you should try to evenly distribute the weight of the items you are carrying across the trailer. You should tie down items so that they are secure. Tying items down will keep them in place and also prevent damage.

Another towing safety tip is to make sure your trailer is synced to your vehicle's brakes. This will allow other people to see when you are braking and help avoid a rear crash. 

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