Get Prepared for Winter with an Emergency Kit!

We at Auto Gallery Imports believe that winter emergency kits can aid in safe travels during the winter months. Getting from one place to another may be necessary, even in a storm! If you have to be on the road, prepare with essentials and then customize your kit to your passengers and driving distances.

Your car or truck should have everything necessary for a tire change in Westbury, or to dig out of the snow. Add tire chains, a tow rope and jumper cables to your kit also. Keep your hands warm when working in the cold with a good pair of winter work gloves! Snow boots with tread for ice and snow conditions will help if you need to walk for help.

Food, water, flashlights, and a portable cell phone charger should be close to you in the car. You should also have a change of clothes and blankets for added warmth. If you travel with young passengers, include friendly nonperishable snacks, small toys, and books to keep them occupied.

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