Getting Organized Before The Game

When you're grilling at a tailgating event, consider the direction that the wind is blowing so that the smoke doesn't irritate other people who are parked near your car. Put soap and water in an empty laundry bottle as a way to let everyone wash their hands before eating. Larger bottles with a dispenser are usually the best option, and you can place a roll of paper towels on a bungee cord on top of the bottle.

Before tailgating in Westbury, NY, pack everything that you need in a plastic storage container or a set of three plastic drawers. You could designate each drawer for certain items, such as condiments in one and utensils in another.

Place a bookcase in the trunk of your car so that you have shelves to hold all of the items that you'll need while you're tailgating. You can place everything from drinks to plates, cups, and utensils on the shelves. Consult with Auto Gallery Imports to ensure that your trunk is large enough for the bookcase and that it can support the weight of the shelves.

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