More Important Thank You Think – Applying Touch Up Paint to Your Vehicle!

The streets of Westbury are full of many little hazards that could damage your car’s paint job. These range from low hanging sticks, rough weather, and dusty conditions all the way to errant shopping carts and even unruly vandals from time to time. Touch up paint is crucial not only to maintaining the pleasing look of your vehicle, but to prevent rust which is like a cancer for cars. Fortunately, applying touch up paint is very easy, and today we’re going to run through how to do it!

The first thing to do is to clean out any loose paint from the damaged area. Use soap and warm water to do this, followed by ample drying. Then, use 220 grit sandpaper to buff the affected area into a smooth surface. Use 600 grit sandpaper if the damage is penetrated clear to the primer. In the event of the latter, apply primer and allow it to dry, followed by a little more sanding to smooth it out. Finally, using a matchstick, toothpick, or fine brush, apply the paint to the surface. Allow it to dry, and use a delicate hand to sand away any unevenness.

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