Drive More Safely with Assistance from Apple CarPlay

Having Apple CarPlay in your vehicle is fun and practical. With Apple CarPlay, you can use apps on your iPhone as extensions of your vehicle's infotainment system, allowing you to access your email, messages, music and many other applications in a hands-free environment. CarPlay makes your trip memorable every time.

CarPlay includes Apple Maps for an intuitive and comprehensive navigation system. Apple Maps will take data from your iPhone and use it to predict your possible destinations. You can control Maps with Siri easily, and Maps will direct you as to what lane you need to be in for turns. All your messages are available absolutely hands-free for safe driving.

Come in to Auto Gallery Imports and take any one of our many models equipped with Apple CarPlay for a test drive around Westbury, NY. You will thoroughly enjoy the ride and will agree that CarPlay is an excellent driver assistance system that will make your drive much easier.

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