How to Use Insect Repellent to Clean Your Headlights

Clean headlights illuminate the road clearly, even in dark conditions. Road visibility decreases when the headlights are dirty, which in turn increases your chance of getting into an accident or hitting debris. One way to clean your headlights is with insect repellent.

Not any insect repellent works. You need to use a brand that has the chemical DEET in it. Another important fact to know about cleaning your headlights with insect repellent is you must avoid getting the chemical on your car's paint. It will ruin the paint. An easy way to prevent that from happening is to apply the insect repellent to a rag. And don't spray the headlights with water after cleaning them with insect repellent or the chemicals will smear onto the car's paint.

Using insect repellent is an inexpensive, easy way to clean your headlights. If you still have trouble getting them cleaned or you have other service concerns, contact us at Auto Gallery Imports in Westbury, NY.

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