A Quick Overview of Towing Safety

When you tow a trailer, you should try to evenly distribute the weight of the items you are carrying across the trailer. You should tie down items so that they are secure. Tying items down will keep them in place and also prevent damage.

Another towing safety tip is to make sure your trailer is synced to your vehicle's brakes. This will allow other people to see when you are braking and help avoid a rear crash. You should also have side mirrors that let you see what is behind the trailer. Consider getting extended side view mirrors for greater visibility.

When you tow, you should not exceed the maximum towing weight specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Drive slowly and brake gently. Be sure to use the right safety equipment and to check that they are installed correctly and are secure.

We at Auto Gallery Imports want you to be safe on the road in Westbury, and anywhere else you may travel. Come visit us for any trailer or towing service you may require.

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