Car Wax: What Does It Do?

When you want to extend the lifetime of your car, it’s not only the engine that counts — it’s also important to care for the exterior. The right external maintenance can help prevent aesthetic damage, so your vehicle looks better for longer. That’s where car wax comes in.

The main job of car wax is to protect your car’s paint job and clearcoat. When you apply it, it acts as an extra layer of protection, which helps the paint underneath last longer. The wax reduces helps deflect dust and sun.

Most importantly, car wax diverts water from the surface of the car. When it rains, the water rolls right off of the wax. That way, it can’t collect, so your car is less likely to rust.

Not sure how to get started with wax? The experts at Auto Gallery Imports can help you choose and apply the wax that's right for your vehicle and climate.

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